Data Kids-Channel

Unique User 5.000.000 / month
Page Impressions 30.000.000 / month

Our Kids portfolio has been growing for years and includes award-winning sites that offer high editorial quality, above-average retention rates, and a wide range of services.
and excellent click-through rates. Interactive game sites relax the offer and guarantee excellent view-through rates
for Pre-Roll-Ads. In short: We turn the kids out there into your fans, and we do so in a targeted and responsible manner.

Our editorial Kids & Family offers stand for excellent content – in the truest sense of the word. Awards from renowned, independent institutions confirm the outstanding quality of our portfolio.

The support of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs in turn ensures that all content is suitable for children.

Kids are not only extremely inquisitive, but also playful. No wonder, then, that our gaming section is particularly popular. Offers like, or entertain millions of children and their parents with high-quality free games. These can be equipped with Pre Rolls, which are displayed when the game loads and offer a VTR (see-through rate) of almost 100%.


Age 6-14 years
Gender 54% boys, 46% girls

Interesting areas for our users: toys, children’s films, music, board games, sweets

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