Data Entertainment-Channel

Unique User 14.000.000 / month
Page Impressions 320.000.000 / month

Exchanging information about the latest films, series, games or upcoming concerts is as much a part of our users’ daily lives as shopping or going to work. To be technically always up to date, be it TV, Smartphones, HiFi, computers, or the latest Smart Home System, is usually their claim and that’s what money is invested for.

Linear television is watched less or not at all! Instead, they own Netflix, Sky, Disney+, DAZN, Amazon Prime, Spotify or Audible. Enjoy the hobby where, when and how it suits you! Flexibility and mobility define our target group.


Age 16-49 years
Gender 60% men, 40% women

Interesting areas for our users: film, series, music, technology, TV, HiFi, automotive, food & drinks

Details about the individual pages in our entertainment channel can be found in our current media data 2020:

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