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Our partner WerkPLUS produces online advertising material that attracts attention and turns that attention into profits. We know not only how to reach the right customers and optimize conversion rates, but also which advertising material should be used when and where.

Working with WerkPLUS gives you access to interdisciplinary teams of experts who will do their utmost to make your ideas come true and, if possible, to exceed them. Our success is documented by customized performance tracking reports that present all KPIs at a glance.

Final Fantasy VII

Responsive creation & animation

Partial response, animations and parallax effects. With this combination you can achieve attention and visibility around your advertising material. As soon as the content rolls down, the response measures take effect and place all relevant key visuals at permanently visible coordinates in the advertising material – for all conceivable resolutions of your desktop advertising medium.

Ferdinand – Geht stierisch ab

Contentmanipulation, creation & animation

The advertising material was created using layers. The content is a static image and serves the illusion that Ferdinand himself interacts with the page content. Additionally you can watch a trailer by pressing the button “Watch Trailer”. A lightbox opens above the advertising material and plays parts of the trailer.

LEGO Friends

Parallax-animation, creation & animation

For Lego, a parallax effect was used, which achieves a rather calm effect, in contrast to the other animations, such as the pop-up article numbers. Due to the calm, rather subtle movement, attention is still generated, even after the first scrolling.

Assassins Creed Origins

Panorama-Takeover, creation & animation

The advertising material is clickable and allows the exploration and features of the game in the browser itself. On level 1 the map with the “Point of Interests” can be explored. Clicking on a desired location opens a detailed view with text and the option to watch a film. Level 3 shows a film about the location and the possibilities integrated into the advertising material.