Targeting Overview

Precisely targeted response without scattering losses

All the websites in our portfolio serve the spearhead of the digital avant-garde: gamers with a strong consumer awareness.

This attractive target group is not only interested in software and hardware in the gaming sector, but in all articles and services that enrich the lifestyle of digital natives.

This means that we not only have an enormous reach but also high-quality environments for your marketing campaign. State-of-the-art targeting tools guarantee a targeted approach without wastage. We are there for you. No matter if you want to increase the awareness of your brand, boost the sales figures of a product or increase the number of your subscribers.

Unsere Zielgruppen


Our first-party data enables target group-specific targeting down to the last detail. Since there is a constant collection and analysis of the data collected across the network, we can act without delay and adapt our customers’ communications quickly and flexibly.