Who is Werkmeister & Company?

We are passionate about consulting and marketing!
Werkmeister & Company is the owner-managed marketing agency with many years of experience and numerous leading cooperation partners in the fields of gaming (e.g. Eurogamer, Play3, GamersGlobal), entertainment (e.g. Kino&Co, Dailymotion, 1Netzkino), family & kids (e.g. tierchenwelt, Yoki, Grundschulkönig and Übungskönig), instream and influencers.
What we do:
- Consulting and marketing
- Creation of advertising material
- Execution of the advertising campaigns
With our creative agency WerkPLUS, we take care of successful media planning and the creation of advertising material.
In our consulting, we focus on targeted and individual strategy development in order to achieve the best results for our customers and partners.
At our offices in Erlangen, Düsseldorf and Hamburg, we develop the ideas for successful campaigns.
Welcome to Werkco!

Range of services


Whether cooperating with new or regular customers, we strive for the development of individual solutions and purposeful strategies. It is our philosophy to not only include our clients in each and every step of the conception, production and publication of their content but also represent them individually and professionally.


We ensure that no irritating or inappropriate content is published. Instead we take the interest of our customers' target group as our guideline. In order to strengthen your company and to boost your internet visibility we provide constructive feedback.

Creative Process

We generate prominent means of advertising and adapt those to the German market for our international clients. Available at our creative agency WerkPLUS. MORE